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Honeywell Glowfly Review
video learning tutorial

This video tutorial reviews Honeywell Glowfly hot surface silicon nitride ignitor, hope this tutorial 
is informative and for any feedback please visit our 
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The Honeywell Glowfly 
Blows the Rest Away

Let me tell you why the Glowfly is the newest and hottest universal hot surface igniter on the market today

   Personally I know how discouraging it is to be on a job where it’s ten below outside with a wind chill of twenty below on the coldest day of winter. You get a call from some home owner with no heat, their hot surface igniter for the furnace is bad and the hot surface igniter for that particular furnace happens to be the only type that you didn’t stock on your truck, let’s see there’s only ten’s or it may seem like hundreds of different types of furnaces out there and they all take different types of hot surface igniters.

So you grab the universal hot surface igniter you have on your truck. The one you think should work, only to find out that you can’t fit the universal igniter where the old OEM one came out, maybe because it’s too tight or to difficult to maneuver into place, and to top it off the burner wants to get in the way, and last time I checked it’s not a good idea to try and move a burner. Yes my job can be quite daunting when it comes to replacing one of these fragile unpopular universal igniters. With that said it’s about time someone out there thought of the little guy doing all the work for a change, yes Honeywell did all their homework right and came up with a all in one igniter. They designed a no excuses hot surface igniter that comes with six mounting brackets that are optimized to replace over 110 igniter applications from nearly every furnace manufacture without modification, it’s about as close as OEM that you will ever get with a universal hot surface igniter. What’s even more appealing is that they made it with tough silicon nitride, the hottest new technology in our industry giving this new silicon nitride igniter twice the life as the old silicon carbide igniters. I’m sure that will make a lot of my customer a lot happier. It’s not like they don’t like seeing me, because alot of my customers really do like me, it’s because every time they see me it cost them something. Because Honeywell has made my job easer I can pass that on to my customer, it just takes me less time to install the Glowfly, which means the customer pays less for the time it takes to do the job and my labor. And don’t let me forget to mention, they stand behind their product with one of the industry best three year warranties. So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it and I give Honeywell an A+ for taking their time and doing this one right. A quick note If there is any of you out there that would like a little more technical information on this product Honeywell Glowfly please feel free to follow this link. Honeywell Glowfly 


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